The Process & Application of Biocapillation™

Biocapillation™ is a patented process designed to minimize hair loss and stimulate hair growth.

Treatments start as low as $1,700, and we can discuss payment options during your free consultation.

It can stand alone or work as a complement to surgery or medications. This technology has been used effectively in Europe and Israel for over 15 years but is only now available in the United States.

NYC hair restoration doctor John Frank brought Biocapillation™ technology to America and is the sole licensed provider.

Dr. Frank uses the technology because in his 15 years of experience he’s seen many people get hair transplants unnecessarily.

Biocapillation™ saves hair loss patients money while restoring their hair naturally

The Biocapillation™ Process

With Biocapillation, we take a very detailed look at your hair, scalp, and follicles. We identify all the causes of hair loss, from the commonly known DHT all the way down to even simpler things causing weakness of your roots or hair shaft.

The treatment is applied both by us in our clinic and by you at home. Consistency in both treatments is critical for success.

Clinical Treatment

Intensive Care Treatment: This lasts for about 6 months, depending on your particular scalp condition.

The purpose is to completely eliminate scalp and root problems that are causing distress to the hair, and to balance the hair growth cycle.

This period of time is an average for a person in normal health with a normal immune system. In the beginning, we will perform treatments more frequently in order to regulate the growth cycle of the hair and roots, and balance the scalp.

Maintenance Period: This begins when the scalp is balanced and the roots have a healthy environment.

The appointments are spaced out over time. The purpose will be to check the scalp, the integrity of the home maintenance regimen and monitor results. For maintenance, you may come in every month or so.

Treatment Procedure

Your hair growth therapist will give you a professional and personalized follow-up treatment plan.

This periodical checking of the roots and the scalp are noted and compared to the original prognosis.

Each treatment in the clinic is dynamic and is adapted to the current scalp condition. Your treatment will focus on the particular condition noted at each examination.

Each treatment will begin with a scalp examination by the hair therapist to check:

  • The scalp condition
  • The amount of hair loss (pull test)
  • Tension of scalp muscles


The purpose is to clean, detoxify and de-congest the scalp so your hair can thrive. Exfoliation promotes circulation and penetration of products.

Exfoliation also eliminates excess oils, dead skin cells and telogenic hair from the roots.


Steam opens the pores and follicles. This action helps eliminate toxins from the scalp and products are better absorbed.

Massage for the Shoulders, Neck, & Head

The purpose for the massage is to stimulate blood vessels and blood flow, which facilitates the exchange of vitamins and minerals to the roots of the hair and better elasticity of scalp.

Massage relieves tensed muscles and lowers the pressure from the circulatory system of the top layers of the scalp.

Increased blood flow to the scalp nourishes the roots, carries away toxins and promotes the absorption of treatment.


Anapelli Hair Clinic’s specially formulated shampoo is gentle on the hair and scalp and perfectly safe for color treated and processed hair.

It will not leave any pore blocking residue on the scalp. Anapelli professional shampoo gently removes the creams and oils from the hair and scalp.

Blow Drying

Prior to drying the scalp, a treatment lotion is applied directly onto the scalp. The low heat setting on the dryer will aid in penetration of the lotion.

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